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LTA Solutions

Lighter-than-air Technology


LTA Solutions aims to serve the lighter-than-air (LTA) aircraft industry worldwide, helping to introduce new 21st Century types. 'LTA aircraft' is a general term for the aerospace industry sector involved, covering types mainly dependent on aerostatic lift (buoyancy) to remain airborne. These include:

Luffships (LS)

These were conceived by LTA Solutions' founder to overcome past problems still unresolved and to make possible things that need a solution. See: Luffship Projects for information.

Fabric Structures

Light re-locatable structures (such as marquees) and fabric covered or inflated buildings (such as hangars or halls) provide compatible key ground facilities necessary for LTA operations. They also may be alternative products through lean periods and help to train people/gain expertise in fabric technology (needed to make airworthy aerostats).

General Information

For clarification of LTA aircraft terminology, see the downloadable definitions document.

LTA Solutions has an extensive library of LTA aircraft books and documents. It also has a wide network of helpful experienced associates in the industry.

Luffships are a new opportunity with great potential in the 21st century that may be used in numerous ways for benefit, including: tourism, commuter operations, heavy airlift (for transport, construction, lift & movement purposes), surveillance, advertising, scientific research, broadcasting, exploration, search and rescue, relay (telemetry), forestry, geological survey, agricultural survey, atmospheric study, patrol and many other purposes.

Airships generally are grossly underutilised today! See next page for some circumstances of this. However, Luffships address the issues to provide new better reliable ways, enabling things to be done that people only dream about at the moment. Types for applications such as aerial cranes to lift and place loads of say up to 1000 tonne or geostationary long endurance platforms remaining for months on station (needed by the telecommunications industry) are possible. Aerial cruisers providing pleasure flights also are possible and would be a great pull for the tourist industry.

They all need a thriving industry to grow from, where the founder's strategy (starting small/evolving in natural ways) and his various Luffship designs were arranged to make that possible.

As numerous aircraft show, HTA types have mainly reached their limits, are noisy and consume huge quantities of fuel that pollutes our atmosphere, which can't go on indefinitely. On the other hand, airships have not really been exploited very much, despite operating in nicer ways. The world needs their capability and those who work to realise it can benefit.

Balloons (basic LTA types) were the first aircraft to carry people and still do in great numbers - that's real success to leverage! Let's not overlook these roots when leaping to higher goals. Instead, let's grow from them in sustainable ways.

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