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LTA Solutions

A private practice for lighter-than-air aircraft


Charles Luffman

Charles Luffman

Fit and able, Iím interested in a broad range of pursuits concerning transport, energy systems and architecture. I helped bring back useful airships (see past achievements, next page); but my own designs needed investment for development. These designs included the infrastructure (hangars, mooring systems, maintenance and shipping equipment) and special systems for power, propulsion and control (such as new solar, diesel/electric, fuel-cell, cycloidal propellers, autonomous and R/C systems).

Iíve also written numerous papers/articles and given lectures about airships plus wrote a book about the technology and future possibilities. However, from recent setbacks, I wonder if it should be published.

Iíve always been interested to use my skills and talents to help people generally, enabling a better life for all.

Apart from that and family life, my main hobbies include dance and choral singing. It also appears that LTA Solutions now is a hobby!

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