heavy lift towed transport balloon concept heavy lift transport airship concept

LTA Solutions

Lighter-than-air Technology


These are new LTA aircraft (mainly airships) designed by LTA Solutions' founder. They include:

Concept drawings, specifications and associated supporting documents are available for each type.


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Note: Information about C, F, H, N and S aerostat forms has been removed for the time being to focus on new L form O-D types.

If more information about any of the different types is desired, it's available from contact.

Shape study of different forms with equal volume.


Airships are propeller driven motor powered dirigible (so steerable/controllable) balloon systems! For comparison of the different types (C, L & S) see the illustration - drawn to scale with equal volumes. The C & L forms have an aspect, slenderness or fineness ratio = 4 (= length/diameter for C types, but = diameter/height for L types). This ratio also is known as the prismatic coefficient (a block ratio).

However, when considering aerodynamic drag, overall size has an effect; where the C form is somewhat bigger than the others, because it volumetrically is a significantly less efficient gas container - so has greater wetted surface area. This should not be overlooked!