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Views of the Mk 1 (LS-L20) and Mk 2 (LS-L25) SkyRovers with crew visible for size comparison.

SkyRovers: Mk 1 (LS-L20) and Mk 2 (LS-L25)

SkyRovers are entry level manned or remotely flown dirigible Luffships designed for sport, pleasure, general commercial purposes, search & rescue, reconnaissance, and as platforms for electronic & optical systems payloads serving both civil and paramilitary duties. The concept designs (shown above) were being developed through ‘SkyLifter Malaysia’ by an aircraft design/engineering team in Strand Aerospace Malaysia, engaged to take them through formal development, prototype test and certification – to ratify the capabilities outlined. However, the development work was put on hold after a PDR end of 2014 until finance to continue is made available.

Types designed include: Mk 1 (LS-L20) with a Ø20 m aerostat and Mk 2 with a Ø25 m aerostat. They were designed for:

The designs build on previous SkyBird and SkyScreen developments, incorporating lessons learned that extend the particular Luffship capability a step further; able (when prototypes have been produced) to demonstrate how later bigger types would operate and to learn from them for further Luffship developments, intended to follow. SkyRovers also incorporated new quad cycloidal propeller arrangements, enabling multi-rotor drone style control. These propellers also are a new development that airships generally need.

For further information, see the downloadable Mk 1 and Mk 2 leaflets. Also, for an independent assessment of the SkyRover's aerostat in flight, see the ADINA Tech Brief.

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