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Lighter-than-air Technology

General arrangement of the LS-LT1 SkyElevator. Views of the LS-LT15-V2, LS-LT20 and LS-LT40 SkyElevators with people visible.

SkyElevators: LS-LT1, LS-LT15-V2, LS-LT20 and LS-LT40

SkyElevators are captured (tethered) lenticular aerostats with a central winch riser line system allowing their ascent under ground control to a maximum height of say 60 m, providing a platform for people and/or systems, recovered to ground level and moored when not in use for safe keeping.

The designs are a further way to gain test data and a revenue stream for subsequent dirigible types that also use a single central line as the last restraint to release for launch and the first for capture. The aerostats, mooring and protection methods also are similar to those for SkyScreens.

Types designed are as shown respectively above. As elevated platforms they notionally will be able for: LS-LT1 (Ø1 m) 100 gm, LS-LT15-V2 (Ø15 m) 200 kg, LS-LT20 (Ø20 m) 600 kg and LS-LT40 (Ø40 m) 5000 kg payloads.

With reduced drag form, they should drift downwind less than spherical balloon types, be steadier and, when moored, manage higher winds (storms).

Naturally, designs for higher altitudes and other sizes could follow - depending on operators' needs. The fin design is retractable but notional (may noy be needed).

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