heavy lift towed transport balloon concept heavy lift transport airship concept

LTA Solutions

A private practice for lighter-than-air aircraft

Views of the LS-L2, 3 & 5 with people for size comparison.

SkyBirds: LS-L2, 3 and 5

SkyBirds are mini R/C Luffships, designed for various purposes, including: as test models to learn from, as demonstrators for bigger types, as training aids, and as products for enthusiasts or small businesses to use in numerous ways (i.e. advertising, film, photography, and so forth). They are within the capability of model makers to produce, but need a decent sized workshop or garage and cutting table for the aerostats.

They are best flown indoors, where conditions are still. Outdoors is possible if weather conditions are calm, but require operators to comply with air law for R/C aircraft!

Types designed include: LS-L2, LS-L3 and LS-L5, as shown respectively above.

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