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Derived Lenticular (L) Types

Derived L types stem from the StratRaft and AeroRaft aircraft designs. In order to pursue development, the SkyLifter business was started in 2008 with a long term goal to be an operator of the AeroRaft type (without a rotordyne) to:

These goals were published by SkyLifter and in various articles, also calling the aerial crane version a SkyLifter. However, itís called SkyHoister here to avoid confusion with SkyLifter's name as a business and other Luffship types. Also, because SkyLifter may not be the eventual developer for some Luffships; where 'SkyLifter Malaysia' (an independent company) was started in late 2010 for development purposes of the Mk 1 SkyRover.

For an introduction to Luffships designed for SkyLifter, see the downloadable briefing.

Design of further L type Luffships intended to enable a progressive development approach thus were undertaken, as follows:

R/C Models (LTA Drones)

Tethered (T) or Captured Aerostats

Dirigibles that may be manned


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