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LTA Solutions

A private practice for lighter-than-air aircraft

Design & Engineering Services for:

Primary Goals:

Mk 1 SkyRover Visualisation - a small specialised Patrol Airship (a Luffship) for 300 kg disposable loads.

Mk 1 SkyRover Visualisation

Note: It could be your name on the aerostat.

See: Luffship Projects for information about new LTA aircraft like the Mk 1 SkyRover - an omni-directional airship designed for operation as a Patroller with precision control from small bases practically anywhere.

When is a business a business?

Investment currently is needed for a new technology group to continue development with design & engineering work plus production of prototypes, test, ratification and turnaround of series types. Please see the downloadable ALTA-S document for a presentation of the business and new ways to follow.

From efforts with LTA Solutions, which this website was provided to serve, it appears that a business is only a business when the tax authority deems it to be so; where their criteria (used recently with disruptive effects) is that it must get consistent profit sufficient for their purpose within a period of time that they decide.

And, when the business is oneís profession in a private practice, if their criteria isnít fulfilled they force you to pay back all of the tax relief allowed with interest (dating back to when things started). That, at least, is the way of things in Germany. Companies with limited liability canít easily be stung this way!

The taxman cited CargoLifter as an example of a business that wasnít viable, effectively saying that LTA pursuits were false (only intended as a way to get tax relief without any intention of making the business profitable) that it was a hobby. It appears the action taken was vindictive and punitive retribution for pursuing things in an industry that hasnít become successful yet, but has over many years been an embarrassment to people in authority.

Regrettably, the various pursuits involved didnít provide consistent taxable income after 2002, when CargoLifter closed, forcing alternative ways to continue - needing series types to enter service. Then, after reaching 65 (2014), the sword fell; although with delayed effect, striking in 2016!

People who want LTA Solutions thus should now register their interest and perhaps agree terms for the business involved to become successful. However, because of the punitive action inflicted, what was on offer on this website now is withdrawn until genuine and sufficient support for development appears. Having paid the tax demands, thereís nothing owed.

The proposal in the downloadable document is for a new business, Applied LTA Solutions (ALTA-S), to start afresh, intended to be the technical hub for the new developments outlined. Nonetheless, this would only become profitable when the products developed enter service, needing type certificates, outlets to serve and operators/customers who pay for them and the services that result.

ALTA-S also needs a CEO to manage the business and realise the objectives. It would be good to hear from candidates with proven competence for the post who share the values, goals and vision of LTA Solutions.

I continue to write about it because the business is a worthy goal to serve people in beneficial ways that should be pursued to a successful situation Ė although in the current climate, itís a long term strategy for big types. These need the ways outlined in the document that naturally and steadily grow from small developments if nurtured/given chance, but that earn revenue to continue without delay through each pursuit.

The alternative is more of the same, repeating history!

Charles Luffman Ė 22 Feb 2017