heavy lift towed transport balloon concept heavy lift transport airship concept

LTA Solutions

A private practice for lighter-than-air aircraft

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Primary Goals:

Mk 1 SkyRover Visualisation - a small specialised Patrol Airship (a Luffship) for 300 kg disposable loads.

Mk 1 SkyRover Visualisation

Note: It could be your name on the aerostat.

See: Luffship Projects for information about new LTA aircraft like the Mk 1 SkyRover - an omni-directional airship designed for operation as a Patroller with precision control from small bases practically anywhere.


Investment currently is needed for a new technology group to continue development with design & engineering work plus production of prototypes, test, ratification and turnaround of series types. Please see the downloadable ALTA-S document for a presentation of the business and new ways to follow.